Loess Hills Innovations Inc is a corporation established to provide new camping and recreational vehicle  accessories to people who spend their time living and playing in recreational vehicles.

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Have you ever witnessed an RV awning blowing off a camper or motorhome as the  it was traveling down the highway?  Or worse yet, has it happened to you?  Have you tried to prevent this nightmare by futily taping or strapping the awning arms together to keep the awning on? Why let the worry of loosing your awning spoil your vacation trip?

Our easy to use RV AWNING TRAVEL LOCK puts a steel pin into the awning roller so it can not turn and let the awning fabric unfurl while driving on the highway. Your existing awning rod is used to lock and unlock the awning lock from the ground. The RV AWNING TRAVEL LOCK is made of aluminum.The awning lock is fastened to the back side of the left awning rafter using the screws provided with the lock. Only one lock is required. Note that the lock does not mount to the Coach itself.  It only takes about 30 minutes to install the lock when the awning is working properly.

You may be interested to know that a new model of the RV Awning Travel Lock has been developed to protect the electric A&E WeatherPro Patio Awning.  Adaptor plates and brackets have also been developed to  protect A&E and Carefree slide topper awnings, door and window awnings, and the A&E Two Step patio awning.

If you are interested in receiving additional information about our awning lock or to place an order you may contact us by email at goldenwgf@aol.com  (Cell phone 1-712-310-7187) . Please include the subject line 'Awning Lock' to help us identify your request from unwanted spam.  The cost of the lock is $39.95 plus shipping and handling. (Locks with adaptors may cost more)  (Iowa residents add sales tax)  Payment may be in the form of Mastercard, Visa card, Discover Card, PayPal, or personal check.  If you prefer to order by US Mail, our address is Loess Hills Innovations Inc. , P.O.Box 416, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51502.  

When ordering using either email or US Mail, please include 1) the number of locks needed,  2) Your complete shipping address,  3) The number of your credit card and its expiration date and 4)Your telephone number in the event we need to contact you about your order.  

Note: For the quickest and most secure delivery please call the cell phone number listed above or below.
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Awnings lost while traveling on the highway.
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Lock Installed to the back of the awning arm

The RV Awning Travel Lock
            Patent # US 6,792,993 B1
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A&E Slide Topper Version
Mounted on Bracket.
A&E WeatherPro Model
Awning lock photo from below the awning rafter
with awning set out. Note the screws into the
rafter. The lock does not fasten to the coach.
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Picture not currently available.
Awning lock mounted on an adaptor bracket for a Carefree Omega slide
topper awning. The adaptor bracket screws to the
left arm.
We can be contacted by:
E-Mail: goldenwgf@aol.com
Cell phone:1-712-310-7187                    

US Mail:
Loess Hills Innovations Inc.
PO Box 416
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51502
   Thank you for your interest in our Awning Travel Lock.  This little device is the solution to a problem all too frequently experienced by people who travel in recreational vehicles with awnings attached.  Ask around at any gathering of people who travel in RVs and you will be amazed at the number that have had an awning blow off while traveling on the highway or those who have witnessed it happening.  Now something can be done about it.
    THE AWNINGS:  Awning manufacturers have designed the awnings with two things to prevent the fabric from billowing: First they have included the coil springs in the roller tube.  The tension of the springs is intended to help hold the awning roller against the coach while on the highway.  The compromise is that the tension must not be too strong or you would not be able to put the awning out for use.  Second, an awning brake is included on one or both ends of the awning roller.  The brake usually includes a serrated cam,  braking against a convoluted collar or against the rim of the awning roller inside the awning cap.  The compromise here is that the brake must allow the roller to roll out and in at the flip of a lever.  The manufacturers also include the arm locks and rafter knobs to help the awning resist the tendency to billow in the wind.
    The reality is:  The spring tension in the roller will not prevent billowing because if it did you would be unable to pull the awning out for use.  The awning brake eventually wears or is damaged and becomes unable to resist the turning of the roller.  The arm locks and the rafter knobs hold the arms and rafters together but do little to prevent billowing.
    The awning travel lock developed by Loess Hills Innovations Inc. is designed to prevent the awning roller from turning and allowing the canopy to billow and fly off the coach.  It will fit primarily A&E and Carefree awnings.  However it can be adapted to fit others as well.  In fact it has been adapted to fit the electric A&E WeatherPro patio awning as well as most slide topper awnings and door and window  awnings.
  The body of the lock is made of welded aluminum parts.  Inside a tube body there is a spring loaded steel pin, a ring on the bottom of the pin to pull on, and a cap on the top of the tube to keep out the elements.
   The mounting plates are mounted to the back of the awning rafter (Not the front awning arm or the coach) behind the left arm (toward the rear of the coach) of the awning.  All screws, rivets, and instructions are provided with the lock order.
    Installing the lock involves fastening the mounting plate to the rafter arm using three screws and drilling a hole in the rim of the awning roller cap to accept the lock pin.
   Once the lock is installed, it is ready to use.  When you want to set up your awning at a campsite:
•  Using the awning rod that came with your awning, pull down on the lock pin D ring and turn the ring 90 degrees to hold the lock in the unlocked position.  You will be able to use the awning as normal with the lock remaining on the upper end of the rafter arm and out of the way.
•  When you are putting the awning away in preparation for travel, put the awning up in the usually manner (avoid letting it slam violently against the coach).  Then with the awning rod, turn the D ring on the lock pin 90 degrees, which will allow it to snap into the hole in the rim of the awning roller cap.  
•  Finally, tug on the awning strap slightly to assure that the pin has snapped all the way into the hole in the roller cap.  With the pin in the roller cap, the roller cannot turn, reducing the chances that the awning will billow and fly off the coach.
•  Given the number miles traveled by people in RVs the odds of losing an unprotected awning while driving on the highway are very high.
•  Bungee cords, Velcro straps, plastic ties and other clamping devices attached to the awning arms are of little value in preventing awning loss.  Remember, if the awning roller can turn, the awning can fly off.
•  Just imagine having the awning billow, tear off the awning arms and throw them over the coach, damaging the roof and air conditioners, and worse- hitting another motorist on the highway.
•  The awning travel lock is made of durable, long lasting material.
•  The cost is very little ($39.95) compared to the costs involved in losing the entire awning ($300 -$1100).
•  Installation time is only about 30 minutes using common tools and the supplies provided with each lock.
•  It only takes a few seconds to lock and unlock travel lock from the ground using the awning rod that came with the awning.
•  Installed, the appearance of the awning travel lock compliments your coach or camping unit.  The lock is a small device that does not look like a collection of hardware parts on your expensive camping unit.
•  You deserve the peace of mind knowing your awning will not blow off the RV.

If you know of other campers and RV enthusiasts who will be interested in our awning travel lock, please pass this information on to them or give them our web site address at www.hometown.aol.com/goldenwgf.  They will thank you for the information and we will appreciate the opportunity to do business with them.

As you visit other websites and have the opportunity, please add our web site as a link to that site.  We will appreciate the exposure to new potential customers.  www.hometown.aol.com/goldenwgf

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a dealer for awning travel locks please contact us for further information.

 • Losing your awning on the way to an enjoyable weekend or vacation will certainly SPOIL the fun. •

For information on a GREAT family camping organization visit  FCRV.ORG


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